Monday, January 23, 2017

Pops Concert, January 26, 2017, 6:30pm

Hello Band Parents!

I wanted to remind you about our upcoming concert on January 26, 2017.

Who: Concert Band, Jazz Band, and Beginning Band
What: Movie Music Concert
When: January 26, 2017 at 6:30pm
Where: East High Auditorium
Why: To give our students a chance to play some fun music while learning what elements of music go into a strong composition and to draw our audience in with familiar music.

Attire: Concert Blacks (formal black and/or black/white outfits)

Call Times:
  • Beginning band: 5:45pm, on stage, dressed in Concert blacks, with instrument AND music, on time, for full 50 points
  • Concert Band: 6:00pm, dressed and set up for performance, meet in 153 to tune; also, rehearsal during tutorial in room 340
  • Jazz Band: 5:00pm - on stage with all instruments and equipment, run through pieces with Erik on Bari Sax. After rehearsal, report back by 6:15pm.
Bring: If you'd like to be more involved, you can bring some cookies, desserts, and/or appetizers to be enjoyed after the show. Please email me to let me know what you plan on bringing. (I have plenty of cups, plates, silverware, and napkins from previous events, so just the snacks would be great!)

Please come and support your students. I will give 5 points of extra credit to students for each person they bring to the concert. Just come up and say hi to me after the concert and tell me who you came to see perform!

Monday, January 9, 2017

Martin Luther King, Jr. Assembly on Friday, January 13

Below you will find the MLK Assembly Schedule. This year we will be doing two assemblies so that everyone can attend this wonderful and important tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King put on by BSA.
  • The 1st assembly be be attended by the 3rd and 4th floors along with all PE, McCarthy, Ackley and the Butler building residents. Please bring your students directly to the auditorium.
  • The second assembly will be attended by the 1st and 2nd floors
It would be appreciated if you would review acceptable assembly behavior prior to Friday. ( sit in assigned areas, slide over to fill all the seats, be respectful to the speakers & NO CELL PHONES). Also, please keep in mind that we will be moving a large number of students in and out of the auditorium. Patience and flexibility on this day will be needed.

Friday Schedule:
1st 7:30-8:10
2nd 8:15-8:55
3rd 9:00-10:00(dismiss @ 9:55) Group 1
       10:00-11:00 Group 2
4th 11:05 - 11:45
Lunch 11:50- 12:35
6th 12:40- 1:15
7th 1:20- 2:00

8th 2:05 - 2:45

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Concert Band Scales and Final info

Concert Band Final: 
Concert Eb Major
Concert Bb Major
Concert F Major
Concert C Major
Concert G Major
Concert D Major

You will record all of these on the day of the final, and they need to be memorized. Please do your full range.

Image result for circle of fifths

Monday, November 7, 2016

Guitar Group Times

Group 1 at 5:40
Group 2 at 5:55
Group 3 at 6:10
Group 4 at 6:25
Group 5 at 6:40

Please arrive 30 minutes before your performance time.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Pizza dinner

Hello Instrumental Music parents!
The pizza dinner is our annual fundraiser concert. It takes place in the Cafeteria at the school, beginning at 5:30pm on November 9. It is $20/adults, $10/students, and free for performers. Full dinner is included with the cost of the ticket to the performance.Family Vouchers are available if finances are an issue (please let me know if you are in need of assistance, and I can give the voucher to your student in class). Students should arrive a minimum of 30 minutes before their group is scheduled to perform. They may dress casually for this event. The schedule for the night is below:

                                  Cafeteria (Bands)                                                             Auditorium (Guitar Groups)

5:40-5:55  - 8th Hr Instrumental (Oxman)     5:40-5:50 - Christian, Anthony, Lexi,
Cormick, Cesar, Adrian
5:55-6:05 - Rex, Araceli, Eleena, Chad

6:05-6:20 - 7th Hr String Orchestra (Oxman)  
6:10 – 6:20 - Melissa, Aaliyah, Helen,
Emmanuel, Brock

6:30-6:45 - 6th Hr Jazz Combo (Oxman)      6:25- 6:35 -  Ulyssa, Ruby, Yamilex,
Francisco, Sarah

                                                                                    6:35-6:45 - Andre, Ketsia, Marco,
Trinnity, Makalet 

6:55-7:05  - 6th Hr Intermediate Band (Pino)         

7:10-7:20 -  2nd Hr Jazz Band (Pino)                      

7:25-7:35 - 3rd Hr Beginning Band (Pino)         
7:45-8:00  - 1st Hr Concert Band (Pino)          

8:10-8:25 - 4th Hr Jazz (Oxman)                         
8:35-8:50  - 3rd Hr Jazz (Oxman)